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Low nox burner

Boiler gas burners


Low-nitrogen burner is an important equipment installed in industrial oil-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers to control pollutant emissions. It adjusts the combustion air and combustion head to stabilize the fuel.

Combustion and complete combustion, improve combustion efficiency and reduce ammonia oxide content, can obtain suitable combustion parameters to meet emission standards.

Low-NOx burners and low-NOx burners refer to burners with low NOx emissions during the fuel combustion process. The use of low-NOx burners can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions during the combustion process. The nitrogen oxides produced in the combustion process are mainly NO and NO2, and these two nitrogen oxides are generally referred to as nitrogen oxides NOx. A large number of experimental results show that the nitrogen oxides emitted by combustion devices are mainly NO, accounting for about 95% on average, while NO2 only accounts for about 5%.

Low-nitrogen burners are suitable for fuels including natural gas, coal-bed methane, biogas, artificial gas, refinery gas, industrial tail gas and other gases, light oil, heavy oil, coal tar and other oil products, and coal powder and other solid fuels!

Low-nitrogen burners are widely used in various combustion and heating occasions such as power generation boilers, industrial boilers, thermal oil furnaces, industrial kilns, incinerators, heating furnaces, etc.

Low nitrogen burner

FGR Flue Gas External Cycle Combustion Technology:

Bntet FGR flue gas is burned in an external cycle, and part of the flue gas is mixed with air and sent to the combustion chamber for combustion. The combustion air after mixing can effectively reduce the temperature and oxygen concentration in the combustion chamber.
The combustion reaction activation energy of gas and oxygen is much less than that of oxygen and nitrogen, so the gas first reacts with oxygen.When there is surplus oxygen, the gas reacts with nitrogen to form NOX. However, the reaction with nitrogen becomes very slow due to the low reaction zone temperature, which effectively inhibits the formation of thermal NOX.
Low NOx burner

Safety And Environmental Protection:

BNG…FGR series burners achieve optimal air/gas mixing with their unique design, effectively reducing pollutant emissions.

The gas in the combustion head is ejected through the hole in the combustion head, perpendicular to the air flow;A portion of the fuel is sprayed directly into the center of the flame.Low temperature flame combustion can prevent the formation of NO.The steady combustion of the flame prevents the high oxidation reaction inside.

The high flow rate of air when it leaves the combustion head accelerates the recycling of combustion gas, which can further reduce emissions.The emission of pollutants from this series of burners is below the most stringent emission standards.

Technical and Performance Characteristics:

1. Ultra-low nitrogen gas burner.

2. Digital burner management system, two-stage progressive/proportional operation.

3. The flue gas external circulation system mixes part of the flue gas with combustion air and sends it to the combustion chamber for combustion. The mixed combustion air can reduce the temperature and oxygen concentration in the combustion chamber and effectively inhibit the formation of NOx.

4. Multiple nozzles, decentralized combustion, to prevent excessive concentration of flames from causing high oxidation reactions.

5. Three servo motors are used to control the ratio of combustion air volume, gas volume and flue gas volume respectively.

6. A flange and high temperature heat insulation pad are used to connect and fix the boiler.

7. The three-phase motor drives the fan.

8.UV flame monitor detects flame.

9. The standard electrical protection level is IP40.

Product parameters:
Low nitrogen burner
Low nitrogen burner


1. The thermal efficiency of the combustion equipment is 90% as a reference, and the actual thermal efficiency of the combustion chamber should be used for calculation when selecting the model.
2. The back pressure of the furnace is the main factor that affects the output of the burner. When selecting the type, you should know the pressure of the combustion chamber used.
3. The low calorific value of the fuel in the standard state: natural gas = 8550 kcal/m3 = 35.80 MJ/m3.

Main Parts of our Burners use International Famous BRAND:

1. SIEMENS : Program Controller, Servo Motor.
2. DUNGS : Valves Combination, Air Pressure Switch.
3. FIDA : Ignition Transformer.
4. SUNTEC : Oil Pump.
5. DANFOSS : Nozzle.
6. SUNTEC & SANLIXIN : Solenoid Valve.

Low nitrogen burner
Product application scenarios:
Low nitrogen burner


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