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Biomass wood pellet burners

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Product Overview:

Biomass burner

Introduction of biomass pellet burner:
This series of products adopt PIC operating system, automatic intelligent operation, touch screen one-key, Chinese LCD operating interface, fully sealed frequency conversion speed regulating feeding, with remote 485 operating interface, automatic ignition, automatic temperature control, automatic conversion between big and small fire.Using double frequency conversion can achieve the air supply, feed frequency synchronization, high thermal efficiency, full combustion, can reduce the fire nozzle dust discharge.Double connected double control, can control the temperature (high stop low start) and boiler pressure.No pollution, low emission, compact structure, simple and convenient installation, small occupancy space, low operating cost, etc.
In order to meet the needs of different customers, make full use of the heat energy, the use of air-cooled, water-cooled two kinds of protection, air combustion, so that the flame temperature more powerful.Water-cooled structure, the hot water produced can be used for production or domestic use, but also can be connected to the boiler for secondary use, make full use of heat source.
Product performance advantages:

Biomass sawdust burner
Advantages of biomass pellet burner:

1. High efficiency and energy saving: use renewable biomass pellet fuel as energy, low cost, reduce 30%-60% operating cost by fuel (gas).
2. High thermal efficiency: Semi-gasification suspended combustion and tangential swirl air distribution design, low-temperature sub-combustion, combustion rate of more than 98%, the temperature in the furnace reaches more than 1200℃.
3, stable and reliable: micro positive pressure operation, silo isolation mode of material transport, no tempering and defiring phenomenon, has applied for the national invention patent.
4. Low carbon and environmental protection: low emission of soot, sulfur and nitrogen, close to zero emission of carbon dioxide, meeting the emission requirements of GB12371.
5. Simple operation: convenient installation, automatic feeding, simple operation, small workload, large capacity of silo (large capacity silo can be customized).Feeding can run for 3-12 hours at a time, only need to timely fill the bin, a person on duty can be.

Product parameter:

Model Kcal/h Power
20 200000 2.05 0.2-0.3 50 1670X670X1700 0.5
45 450000 2.05 0.5-0.75 100 1900X850X2100 0.9
90 900000 3.75 1-1.5 200 2280X920X1850 1.5
120 1200000 3.75 2 266 2450X1020X1980 1.86
180 1800000 7 3 400 2700X1190X2100 2.64
240 2400000 8.2 4 533 3050X1400X2300 3.1
300 3000000 8.6 5 667 3200X1600X2600 4.3
360 3600000 10 6 800 3850X1785X2720 4.8
420 4200000 12 7 933 4150X1900X2800 5.1
480 4800000 14 8 1066 4460X2068X2900 5.65

Available fuel:

biomass burners factory

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Biomass wood pellet burner

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